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Certificate in Employability

Course Overview

*This programme is funded under Skills Connect and is for people who are currently seeking employment, subject to eligibility criteria*

If you are currently not in employment and you are looking to reskill/upskill and prepare for entry into the workforce, then this course is for you.
The training programme is designed to enhance participants skills in finding work.

The CPD Special Purpose Award Certificate in Career Readiness is to give the participants a range of vital skills and knowledge which employers look for and value in recruiting new staff to their organisations. The course focuses particularly on applying the skills in the world of work, aiming to build both competence and confidence in a range of critical areas.   
Specifically, the course aims to develop participants’ skills to empower them to succeed in managing their careers and finding work. To increase their self-confidence and their ability to put their best foot forward in a job interview. To understand their personal behaviour style and its impact on others and to generally increase their self-awareness and awareness of others. To be able to manage their time and effectively and to behave assertively. Also to develop and work on a personal action plan to increase their success at finding work and in developing their careers. 

Content includes

Course is comprised of 7 sessions.

Subject 1: Career Management  
Subject 2: CV Preparation  
Subject 3: Job Applications 
Subject 4: Interview Skills  
Subject 5: Presentation Skills at Interview 
Subject 6: Communication Skills in Seeking Employment 
Subject 7: Social Media - LinkedIn® 

Learning Logs 
To support the transfer of learning, participants will be required to maintain a learning log and provide an update on their application of learning. 

Assessment Strategy  
Participants will be assessed according to the following criteria: 
1. Participants are required to complete an assignment consisting of three parts: A Curriculum Vitae, a LinkedIn® profile and a job application Cover Letter. This will constitute 30% of their marks. 
2. They are required to keep a weekly learning journal/reflective diary. This will constitute 10% of their marks. 
3. Participants are required to write a 500-word book report on a book of their choice related to a topic covered on the programme. This will constitute 30% of their marks. 
4. Their contribution in class combined with their group presentation in Subject 5 will together constitute 30% of their marks. 

Who should attend

Those who are currently seeking employment and looking to return to the workplace


CPD Certificate, Level 6, 10 ECTS, Special Purpose Award

Upcoming dates:

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Certificate in Employability

Training Days

7 days

Training Location

Available nationally, based on demand

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