Employee benefits

By attending training delivered by subject matter experts, the employee can ensure that he/she is positioned to meet these challenges head on and spot opportunities for improvement that might otherwise not have been identified.

Irish Medtech Skillnet has a wide range of at least 25% funded training courses starting at basic operational level right up to top management level.

Irish Medtech Skillnet offers employees the opportunity to gain nationally and internationally recognised qualifications in various subject areas.

Some of the benefits from an employee’s perspective of participating in our training include:
  • Improved confidence and competence in the workplace
  • Improved opportunities for career development
  • Networking with other life science employees at the same level
  • Availing of >25% discounts for training received
  • Accreditation
  • Recognition for learning in the workplace
How do I sign up?
Employees interested in participating in the training are asked to contact your company training Coordinator for training approval and either book the training event online or register your interest.