Irish Medtech Skillnet

Foreword Pauline O’Flanagan

Skillnet Ireland actively supports and works with businesses in Ireland to address their current and future skills needs. Skillnet Ireland was established in 1999 and is funded from the National Training Fund (NTF) through the Department of Education and Skills (DES). The Irish Medtech Skillnet, established in 2008 provides training to Medical Technologies and Engineering sector.

The Irish Medtech Skillnet ( provides training and networking opportunities to the Medtech & Engineering sectors. It is a not for profit network with the Irish Medtech Association, an Ibec sector as its’ contracting organisation.

The network has received over €3.7 million of government funding over the past 9 years and will have trained over 8,900 employees by end of 2017. The Irish Medtech Skillnet provides opportunities to develop and deliver both new and existing training programmes. It offers training across key areas such as lean, additive manufacturing, innovation and regulation as well as highly strategic sectoral programmes developed for middle and senior management.

The network also provides opportunities to assist with company specific training events. It has developed 14 specialised programmes for the sector from level 5 to Masters including MÓR Operational Excellence Model, Product Development Assessment Model and a Futures Skills report. In 2017, the network developed a level 8 Validation programme and an Additive Manufacturing programme. They are presently working on a competency model and a commercial model for the medical technology sector.

Pauline O’Flanagan
Skills Oversight Manager, Medtech & Engineering Sector