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MÓR™ Benchmarking Model


The Irish Medtech Skillnet Operational Excellence model - MÓRTM has been devised by industry members of the Irish Medtech Association for use as a Best in Class model for companies to measure themselves in areas of Lean Manufacturing in order to progress on the lean journey. MÓRTM allows a company to analyse its progress by way of gap analysis as they move further along their lean journeys.

This newly devised practical training workshop, is delivered by industry leaders from the Irish Medtech Association's Operational Excellence Working Group. The workshop takes a hands-on approach to applying the principles of lean. Delegates are introduced to the MÓRTM model and its various dimensions. They then get to use the model and see how it is applied by visiting the site factory floor. Delegates are then brought through the scoring system and helped understand the ratings in different areas. They will then hear from peers who have implemented the MÓRTM Model within their own organisations, along with some mentoring experiences.

The model is devised in such a way that it can be used by any company, i.e a company setting out on their lean journey, or who is further down the line.

Content includes

This workshop will introduce the MÓR Operational Excellence Model - a diagnostics tool to help companies identify gaps in the Lean Journey and assist them in directing them on where to focus on to get the best results.
The workshop will be faciliated by Lbs Partners, and will draw from practical experiences via case study from Teleflex Medical who have used the tool across 17 of their international sites.

Who should attend

Senior Managers responsible for Lean and Productivity Improvement in your organisation: CEO, COO, Production Manager; Quality Manager; Operational Excellence Manager; Operations Director, Continuous Improvement Manager etc.

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MÓR™ Benchmarking Model

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Cork, Dublin, Galway, Kildare, Limerick, Longford

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