Technical Training

FANUC Robot Teach Pendant Programming Course

*This industry led programme is funded under Skills Connect and is for people who are currently seeking employment, subject to eligibility criteria* Objectives

The course covers the tasks that an operator, technician, engineer or programmer needs to setup, record and/or troubleshoot programs on a FANUC Robot using HandlingPro Software.

This course teaches the participants the skills necessary to safely operate the robotic system, program the robot using the KAREL programming language. You will be clear how to jog the robot, setup Frames, use I/O, program Offsets, control Robot speed and consider Robot safety. Participants will create detailed teach pendant programs with the advanced programming techniques illustrated in a training manual.

Content includes

1. Robotics Introduction & Create Teach Pendant Program
  • Jogging the Robot
  • Giving two points the same name
  • Testing the Robot program
  • Touch up a position
  • EDCMD menu

2. Robot safety & Designing safety into the workcell (ISO 10218-1 & ISO 10218-2)
  • Motion type: Joint, Linear, Circular.
  • Speed options
  • Terminations options
  • Changing the default motion
  • Moving in a circle

3. Physical Construction of Robots
  • Position Registers
  • Call Instruction
  • Data Registers
  • Labels and Jump to labels
  • If/select statement
  • Wait command
  • Creating a Loop in a program

4. Considerations when Introducing Robotic Automation
  • Introduce Frames
  • World Frame
  • User Frame
  • Tool Frame
  • Create a Teach Pendant Program which includes:
  • Add an end effector.
  • Setup a Tool Centre Point
  • Setting up and re-teaching User Frames
  • Setup a User Frame using 3 point method & directly.
  • Setup up a Jog Frame
  • Configure Tool Centre Point

5. Troubleshooting Common Errors & Fanuc Error Codes
  • Create a Virtual Teach Pendant Program which includes:
  • Loop in a program
  • Wait command
  • Nested Programs
  • If/Select Statement
  • Add Fixtures to workcell

6. Inputs and Outputs (I/O) with Fanuc Robot
  • Create a Virtual Teach Pendant Program which includes:
  • Offsets
  • Loop in a program
  • Use of multiple Position Registers
  • Data Counters

7. Offsets and their use in Palletising

Create a Virtual Teach Pendant Program which includes:
  • A Reference Position
  • Teach Pendant Messages
  • Program Remarks
  • Program Instruction
  • Alarms
  • Simulation of Robot Inputs and Outputs
  • Digital Inputs and Outputs (DI/DO)
  • Robot Inputs and Outputs (RI/RO)
  • Analogue Inputs and Outputs (AI/AO)

8. Calling Programs and Shifting Recorded Positions
  • Create a Virtual Teach Pendant Program which includes:
  • Argument Register
  • Program Shift Functions
  • Mirror Shift Functions
  • Timers
  • Shifting the Programs by changing the User Frame

9. Using Macros, Skip, Override & Defining Exact Positions
Create a Virtual Teach Pendant Program which includes:
Skip Condition
Defining exact positions

10. Create a complete virtual Robot workcell simulation
  • Choose one of the following operations, Material Handling, Machine Tending, Palletising, iRVision.
  • Create a Virtual Teach Pendant Program which includes:
  • Setup of Tool Frame &
  • Setup User Frame
  • Robot inputs and Outputs
  • Data Registers
  • Position Registers
  • Labels and Jump labels
  • If/select statement
  • Main Program calling sub Programs.

Who should attend

Individuals who wish to learn more about Fanuc Robotics, those who are currently unemployed


CPD Certificate of Achievement and 35 CPD Hours

Upcoming dates:

No training dates available at the moment.

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FANUC Robot Teach Pendant Programming Course

Training Days

5 days

Training Location

Available nationally, based on demand

Course Cost

Member: €1,418
Non-member: €2,250
Member rate available to all companies in the Medical Device/Technology Sector
* Cost quoted per person

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