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This is a programme for women who, for various reasons, stepped out of their workplace and now wish to return to the workplace.
This is a one day programme that will be delivered over two mornings; by Norris & Fay Coaching
One day over two mornings, plus 1 hour with a mentor


(1) Develop Career goals
• Support participants in recognising their strengths and the value of all their life experience, including previous work experience.
• They will learn the role that performance, perception and developing a supportive networking play in career success.
• Help participants identify where they are on their change journey using the Prochaska Stages of Change model. This will provide clarity around what they need now.
• Setting goals is an important and effective way of helping us achieve our objectives. Participants will learn how to develop career goals that are challenging, achievable and motivating.

(2) Develop Confidence and Self-belief
Empower participants to find their path forward in their career by gaining awareness around their patterns of thought. Develop their understanding of how these patterns of thought can get in their way of achieving their potential and how to reframe thinking patterns.

Examples of limiting patterns:
• Assuming if I do not meet the criteria 100% that I am not suitable
• Not recognising the value of previous work experience
• Feeling the need to apologize for life choices
• Not confident in asking for flexibility in working arrangements

(3) Own your personal brand and know how to pitch yourself
• Each of us has a personal brand. Our personal brand is the emotional, intellectual and visual impression we make on others. It is about how others experience us. Participants will learn how to develop their personal brand to enable them to position themselves effectively in interviews and other important settings

Who should attend

For professional women, returning to work, and/or re-launching their career

Upcoming dates:

No training dates available at the moment.

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Training Days

1 day over two virtual mornings.

Training Location

Available nationally, based on demand

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