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Code of Ethical Business Practice Training

As you are aware the new MedTech Europe Code comes into force in January 2017. The Irish Medtech Association, as well as the Irish Medical and Surgical Suppliers Trade Association intend to adopt and implement these changes on 1st January 2018.

To explain and update you on the implications of these changes, Irish Medtech Skillnet will host a comprehensive one-day workshop, in collaboration with both trade associations from 10 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. on Wednesday 5th April 2017 in the Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport. This workshop aims to educate senior leaders in large and small companies on understanding, developing, and promoting the importance of ethical compliance in the global Medtech environment.
1. Ethics & Compliance.
Why they are important
What are the challenges
Industry´s behaviour

2. The Main Changes

6 biggest changes
What will be Challenging?

3. Strategic Agility
Why do we need an Agile Mindset here?
Cases of Resistance & Growth Mindset
The Innovation Engine
Simple Rules for Compliance Excellence
Compliance Supporting the Business
Transition Guide based on real cases
Work Out Your real Cases

4. The Code of Ethics Content

5 Principles
Criteria for Event Programmes
Hospitality & Travel
3d Party Events
Gifts & their appropriateness Please encourage your Compliance Officer or your Sales team to attend. Alternatively, if you have a distributor, or an agent, who you feel would benefit from this workshop, please ensure they receive this information.

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Code of Ethical Business Practice Training

Training Days

1 Day

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Dublin, Westmeath

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Member: €75
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